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$50.00 per session if you are not eligible for 20 hours Free ECE. We accept full payment, and part-payments made on a regular basis, if pre-arrangement has been made.

Childcare Subsidy

A payment that helps families with the cost of pre-school childcare. It depends on the size of your family, your household income and how many hours your child attends an ECE service. Eligibility is assessed and processed by WINZ. The subsidy is paid directly to Early Impressions by WINZ.

You could get help with up to 9 hours of childcare a week and in some cases up to 50 hours a week if you are:

  • working, studying or on an approved training course or
  • involved in an activity that WINZ has asked you to do or
  • a shift worker who works nights or
  • seriously ill or disabled or
  • caring for a child in a hospital or a child you get the Disability Allowance for.

20 Hours Free ECE

All 3, 4, and 5-year-olds enrolled at an ECE service, that offers 20 Hours Free ECE, can get up to 6 hours per day and up to 20 hours per week of early childhood education where no fee can be charged for those hours. You’ll need to complete an “Attestation” on the enrolment form where you sign for the hours and days your child will be using whilst at Early Impressions. You can split the hours between different ECE providers. This subsidy is paid directly to Early Impressions from the Ministry of Education.


Any hours over the 20 Hours Free ECE are invoiced at $8.33 per hour.


ECE services can ask for a donation to cover additional costs not covered by the Ministry of Education funding. We ask that children that receive the 20 Hours Free ECE for a donation of $3.00 per day. There is no obligation to contribute but any donation received makes a difference with new equipment purchases.

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