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Our purpose:

We believe in supporting, encouraging, and guiding the well-being and growth of each child’s learning journey.

Our vision:

We will be a high-quality, community focused and sustainable early learning centre.

Our mission

  • To be an inclusive, nurturing, and empowering environment.
  • To encourage and support ongoing learning and development for kaimahi.
  • Internal Evaluation and reflection will support our continuous growth.
  • Relationships between the kaimahi, tamariki, whānau and the wider community will be nurtured and strengthened.
  • To be a healthy and sustainable centre.


What makes us special?


We allocate one primary teacher to each child and this teacher takes personal responsibility for the child’s overall well-being. It is a child's own special teacher that supports the child by forming a secure attachment, this bond is achieved by sharing loving and respectful care routines and ‘moments’. This allows for quicker, smoother, and more efficient communication between Early Impressions and parents. This enables prompt and appropriate responses to a child’s needs resulting in better experiences and developmental outcomes for the child.  

A primary caregiver becomes the main contact for:

  • The child who will instinctively go to the primary caregiver in times of distress or simply to be ‘filled up’ with cuddles and love.
  • Parents can inform the primary teacher of any issues (e.g. a poor sleep last night) or convey concerns as well as hear from the primary teacher about planned events and information on their child’s development.
  • Other teachers who can consult the primary teacher as they plan activities and for teachers to give information to the primary teacher to pass on to parents such as observations, planned events or concerns.

Research has found that for children to become resilient, persistent and independent they first must be able to depend on the main adults in their life.  Children need at least one adult to adore them and meet their needs and, ideally, this adult will always be nearby throughout their childhood.  When children spend time at Early Impressions the teachers take on this responsibility to support a child’s emotional wellbeing.


Early Impressions fully commits to this by having:

High adult:child ratio

We are above the Ministry of Education requirements.

Staff continuity

We have long serving and dedicated staff.

100% trained teachers

Qualified and experienced offering high quality care and education for every child. Teachers engage in regular professional development to further enhance teaching and learning. Assessment, planning and evaluation is tailored to meet the needs and interests of every child.

Flexible daily routine

Putting the individual needs of each child first. For the first few weeks you will see other teachers supporting the primary caregiver with their other primary children giving them extra time to spend nurturing a relationship with your child in the early stages.


Parent's comments

To all the amazing staff at Early Impressions...

It takes a village to raise a child and you are the very best, most nurturing, caring and lovely bunch of ladies ever. We will truly miss this place and how comfortable we all feel here always. Thank you all for your part in caring and helping Brooklyn and Ryder to grow. We will miss you.

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